Advanced Oxidation Technology: Water purification breakthrough

Advanced Oxidation Technology is one commended scientific breakthrough for water purification today. This method is able to eliminate contaminants and other harmful impurities present in water that are missed by the other existing water purification technologies and systems. Advance oxidation employs ultra violet light to break up organic contaminants from the pure water by materializing contaminates and then eliminate them.

This kind of technology also effectively removes or eliminates salt dissolved in water by De-ionization process. This process is parallel to Sea Water Reverse Osmosis process in which water passes through an ion exchange material which is responsible for the complete removal of salt. This method is also called the desalination process. It was first known to make sea water to pure water and safe for human consumption. Sea water is renewed into fresh water with this process which then can be used for irrigation, drinking and many other purposes. Also, through this method heavy metals are completely removed from the water thus water generated by deionization process has superior quality. All in all, this advance system has brought water purification process to a new era.