Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a process which is first known to be the best mean to clean and purify water. It is a method of producing pure water by forcing saline or impure water through a semi-permeable membrane across which salts or impurities cannot pass. A high pressure is exerted on the area containing the concentrated solution, which forces the water molecules across the membrane to the area of the fresh water.

Pure, safe and clean water is essential to every living being. It is said to be one of the basic needs of man. Also, there are other applications for water like appliance in the food industry, supply for the reef aquariums, for cleaning and disinfection purposes and many others.

In addition, water purification is done to bring cleaner, purer and safer drinking water to the people. Water means life to all living things. It is a fluid essential to the existence of all the living. The disturbance of the balance of our ecosystem results to water pollution. Impure water contains harmful elements such as solids, bacteria, algae, plants, inorganic compounds, and organic compound. There are different means of purifying liquid which includes the water filtration. To effectively remove all the harmful elements and impurities on a certain fluid, a method called water treatment must be applied.

Others may not know it; our tap water contains thousands of impurities that are harmful when consumed by humans. Find ways to clean and purify your water for a secure and a healthy living.